Gather makes glass for bold, joyful gatherings, marrying contemporary colour and traditional craftsmanship. Every piece is designed by Phoebe Stubbs and handmade by her talented team of glass artisans in Gather's hot glass London studio.

Before launching Gather in 2020, Phoebe worked in the glassblowing industry for over a decade in the UK and the US. Gather was born out of a longing to reconnect with friends over the dinner table. Gather's glassware celebrates the ornate tableware from Dutch still life paintings and mimics the colours of gummy sweets.

Why Gather?

Gathering in glassblowing means taking molten glass from the furnace on a blowing iron, the foundational essential move of every piece. Extracting a warm, glowing mass of glass from the furnace is a thrilling process. Gather hopes this excitement is carried to your tabletops with vibrant glassware at the heart of all your gatherings.

Gather have recently invested in making their London hot glass studio more sustainable with new electric furnaces. These furnaces are used for melting and recycling by tinting it for new products. To significantly reduce gas consumption, the studio also has a newly built double ended reheating furnace.

Production glassware

Gather's highly skilled team also works on small to medium batches of glassware for designers and brands. Full production service is provided, from development to delivery.

Get in touch if you are looking to have your own glassware or lighting produced.

If you are interested in finding out more about Gather and current glassware collections, you can browse the digital catalogue.

Download here.